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Gifted & Talented Students

Our programs are:


The ISF provides support to university students through its discovery program through offering different skills developing techniques such as training courses, workshops, seminars, and many others in the trendiest fields in the scientific, innovative and business market nowadays, such skills will facilitate their accommodation in the job market and pave the way to enhance the Egyptian job market according to Egypt 2030 Strategy.


This program is designed for school students with the aim of discovering diamond-like ideas that are innovative in nature and help transform the reality we live in, coping with Egypt Vision 2030.

The ISF offers training courses, informative sessions, financial support to help students at school who have gifted abilities to come up with innovative scientific solutions and discoveries.


If you have just finished your high-school and approaching university, and possess innovative skills then this program is made for you.

The ISF provides scholarships to gifted students in Egypt- in the fields of science and technology- in a program named “Gifted Students Scholarships”.